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From Ebay I got a Demoboard for the HCS08 at a very affordable price. The board contains a MC9S08GB60.

The GB60 has 60 K-Byte Flash and 4 K-Byte RAM, so there is pretty much memory on this one. The 64 Pin LQFP package has 56 I/O Ports, 8 10-Bit A/D channels, SCI, SPI, IIC interfaces and 8 Timer. Havenīt done much with this board yet. The chip is much faster than the HC08 ones, up to 20 MHz busclock and optimized for low power consumption. Unfortunely the ports work with 3.3V so that you have to take care of levelshifting. The HCS08 controller donīt have an MON08 interface, they have a BDM08 interface. The BDM08 interface is a lot more comfortable than MON08, but you canīt build it your own that easy. There is an open source BDM interface availible at Freescale which is called OSBDM. It is based on TBDMLI donīt like the way they draw the schematic. You can get another schematic at which is easier to read. The demoboard has a serial debugmonitor already programmed in Flash, so there is no need for a BDM interface. The BDM08 hardware is equal to the BDM12 hardware, but the softeware is different. My BDM12 pod from Softecmicro isnīt supporting BDM08. You can get HCS08 controllers as sample from Freescale. THE HCS908AW family and the HCS908QD4 works with 5 Volt so interfacing it may be easier. The HCS908Qx controllers are availible in DIP packages






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